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  1. Disc 1


    Eventide ft. Pernelle (Extended Ver.)

    LONG BPM 138




    Written, arranged and guitar by R-Man
    Vocals by Pernelle
    Lyrics by R-Man and Recca
    BGA by Scaith

    Hello everyone! This song was originally born out of my passion for jazz fusion, with huge inspiration from bands like Casiopea, T-Square, DEZOLVE, Dimension etc. combined with my love for space and sci-fi themes. By including Pernelle's beautiful voice, the song was elevated into something more cinematic and refined, and it made sense to create a story.
    The song's story is about a researcher who was investigating a black hole from an orbital station. Suddenly, something went wrong and she ends up falling into the black hole. I wanted to portray the mixed feelings between her fear and the curiosity to know what lies beyond, which wouldn't have been possible without my friend Recca stepping in and helping out with lyrics.
    Unfortunately, we have all been very busy and extending the song with more verses was not an option. Instead, I decided to return to my fusion roots by adding some flashy solos. I hope you enjoy!
    Oh, how could this come to pass?
    Could it be there’s no escape, are these moments my last?
    My hopes lie shattered like glass, and my thoughts,
    my dreams are engulfed by the black.

    I've given all I had for you,
    First my family and friends, now you'll have my life too.
    It’s a tragedy true, now at last,
    the ending comes hurtling into view.

    Fear chokes me in this death spiral,
    But a part of me wants, more than anything, to know:
    What answers await beyond the event horizon?

    Stellar eventide,
    Gravity is pulling me, I cannot hide,
    my desire,
    like a moth,
    to the fire,

    Every soul’s demise,
    Curiosity, the proof that I’m alive,
    Mustn't cry,
    Now it's time,

    I'm falling into you...

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