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  1. Disc 4


    Fever Dream

    Hundotte & BilliumMoto


    Hundotte & BilliumMoto

    Music: Hundotte & BilliumMoto
    BGA: Transendium

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    The heat creeping up your backbone
    Strikes underneath the skin
    Oh, to survive this summer fever,
    Won’t you find darkened solace?
    I sought the chill of madness
    A cold embrace for all
    It’s a long twisted celebration
    Filled with clouds and endless night-

    -Mares I can’t wake from
    Colors, dark, shivers
    Falling into
    Empty darkness…

    Cold in a sea of pleasure,
    I seek another’s warm embrace.
    But temptations rages on
    Alone in this
    Dream, leaving me with only
    Ecstasy to find. Now I’m burning
    Up inside, lost in dreams too
    Good to wake up from…

    HELP me… cure this sickness deep within… it’s
    A mirage I cannot
    Chase more…
    It was a foolish

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