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    1,2,3,4! Overclocked Edition



    Multi-Genre / Future Calculator


    Hello, I'm Cansol. I'm really happy to be able to say hello on GbdG!
    When planning 1, 2, 3, 4!, it's an experimental song that I wrote thinking,
    "I can't write an amazing song, so let's just show the end of uniqueness" 
    It's not a song that I expected a good evaluation.
    Nevertheless, it was amazing and grateful that more people liked this song than I thought.
    Because I had a hard time working on it, I never wanted to think about extended mix.
    But when I was contacted by GroundbreakinG, I automatically felt motivated.
    Thank you again to GdbG team. Seriously, if you hadn't given me a chance, this song wouldn't have existed in the world.
    Anyway, as the title suggests, I overclocked this song.
    I don't know if I should apologize to the people who like the original song.. but I'm satisfied with just listening to the song.
    I think it's probably the song that I spent the most time on so far. 
    I've expressed everything I can in here.
    I hope you can feel what I'm trying to describe in the music!

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