Groundbreaking 2014 G2R2014 COMPILATION ALBUM

Groundbreaking 2014 G2R2014 COMPILATION ALBUM

Disc 2()

Disc 2


All Is Done



Arctures feat. Stephen Froeber

ボーカル・演奏:Stephen Froeber



Devran Bekinに奉納します。


We swam across the river
 Brushed the sand between our toes
 And fell upon the grass when we were done
 The sun stretched out the shadows
 'Til only stars remained
 And wonder in my heart told me to run

 So I did

 Without a clear direction
 Through those dark and frigid hills
 Your footsteps echoed painfully head
 The ground was shaking heavy
 And my legs began to fail
 I could never follow where you lead

 And all at once, the stars looked down to me
 The earth was torn asunder as the mountains fell away into the sea
 I couldn't bridge the gap between
 But I tried
 You know I tried

 All is done
 All is done
 Everything returns to where it's from
 All is free
 All is free
 Everything is where it has to be

 (I don't believe you at all)

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